June 16, 2005

Artistic Ability and Schizophrenia


Talented artists like Neil Olds of Australia are contributing to an exhibition called "Arts Against Stigma." Though he claims it's mediocre, Olds's painting "Colourful Characters...is wowing crowds from Copenhagen to Dublin and Athens to Sydney..."

Olds, who is also a talented musician, believes his schizophrenia might have something to do with his artistic ability."I've always been a bit of a misfit, so I suppose being different does bring a bit of talent out in a person," he said."Look at Vincent Van Gogh, he was a misfit. I think I'm like him in a few ways, except I've sold quite a lot of work in my years and he only sold one."

"Arts Against Stigma" is an international exhibition which has been "(o)rganised by Danish psychiatry and neurology specialists... The exhibition features works from artists across the globe, all of whom suffer from a psychiatric disorder." This is a great show which seeks to cut through the stigma and prejudices that affect many patients and their families. Old's work and that of other contributers can be viewed at http://www.artagainststigma.org.

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Interesting as I am an artist myself, and have been trying to draw since the age of three, long before I developed schizophrenia at the age of 24. I was hired at a leather shop in Atlanta in 1973 where I learned to tool leather. By 1975 I had my own leather business, but lost it in my first initial bout with the disease. I continue to tool leather and make accessories, belts, bags and wallets to this day, and over the years my leather tooling, and the expertise at it learned in the leather shops in Atlanta in the early 70's have enabled me to make a fair amount of money off of my art. It has given me a very good commercial medium.

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