July 01, 2005

South Korea Provides Jobs for the Disabled?

Roh pledges to focus on improving welfare for disabled

In South Korea, President Roh Moo-hyun announced that "his government will focus on improving welfare of the handicapped and those suffering from paralysis, schizophrenia and other diseases during the remainder of his tenure." Though, this news is focused on South Korea it seems relevant to all parts of the world. Often, the psychiatrically disabled have problems getting a job. President Moo-hyun plans to deal with this problem by "actively addressing employment of the disabled:"

"We need to divert government budget funds to social welfare projects while leaving the market to take over economic projects," he said."We need to liberate the families of those suffering from chronic diseases...Human relations break up if the level of paralysis and schizophrenia goes beyond that which families can endure."

In addition, the Labor Ministry and many "big conglomerates" have already decided to increase the numbers in handicapped people employed.



I am a wheelchair user college student. I expect a job in S. Korea.

Contact: mma.1986@gmail.com

With prayer,

Md. Mohoram Ali

Posted by: Md. Mohoram Ali at March 27, 2008 02:21 AM

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