July 03, 2005

Pregnancy & Schizophrenia

INSTITUTE OF PSYCHIATRY, LONDON; Studies add new findings to obstetrics body of knowledge

Some new studies conducted in "the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia describe advances in obstetrics." One of these studies examined the pregnancies of women with psychotic disorders. According to the study, "(t)he majority of women with psychotic disorders have children but their pregnancies are at an increased risk of obstetric and psychiatric complications."

A recent report discusses the findings of this study. "In the report, Louise M. Howard, PhD, with the Institute of Psychiatry, London, reviewed "research into the fertility of women with psychosis and complications occurring during their pregnancies and in the postpartum period." Howard found that "recent studies...confirmed earlier findings," which showed that women with schizophrenia experienced low fertility while the fertility of women with mood disorders was less effected. Further, the studies demonstrate that "(p)sychotic relapse during pregnancy is rare but women with a history of mood disorders (affective psychoses) are at high risk of postpartum relapse."

Researchers are saying that forming a "(c)lose liaison (with) all health professionals during pregnancy and postpartum (will help provide) optimal management of these high risk pregnancies."

The review has been published the "European Journal of Obstetrics Gynecology and Reproductive Biology (Fertility and pregnancy in women with psychotic disorders)."



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