July 08, 2005

Hang Out Place & Schizophrenia

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Research from developing countries demonstrates that being a member of a community might be beneficial to the psychiatrically disabled. One of our past articles discusses the positive effects that social ties have for people suffering from brain disorders such as schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, in America, the stigma associated with brain disorders makes it difficult for sufferers to form social ties. Unlike many Americans, those with psychiatric disabilities "rarely...find a place...to...be themselves - to get together and hang out with friends, hear some tunes and share some laughs." In order to remedy this problem places like the nightclub The Roxy in Lockport, Illinois have created evenings where the psychiatrically disabled can hang out. "Each Wednesday and Saturday night 60 or so people with (psychiatric disabilities) who live in Trinity Services, Incorporated's, group homes can just "chill out," with friends and invited guests."

They drink sodas and sparkling grape juice at an old, wooden bar; eat snacks and watch live baseball on TV from cafe tables; listen to professional bands that come in, or grab a guitar themselves and take the stage. Couples can share romantic conversations, sometimes a kiss. A few counselors and social workers tend bar, calm fears, defuse squabbles.

This sort of thing has been going on at The Roxy for 8 or 9 years. It's success has sparked the interest of agencies in other towns who are looking into creating similar atmospheres for the psychiatrically disabled.

Full Story: http://author.voanews.com/english/AmericanLife/2005-07-05-voa45.cfm
Title: "A PLACE TO JUST 'HANG OUT' FOR MENTALLY IMPAIRED" Author: Ted Landphair DATE: July 5, 2005.


at first the behavioral problem i esclated to become was termed unfit for service and rebellious in the the air force..ADHD. then it was a diagnosis of Bipolar 1 caused by the rigor of my career field in the service. Now it's schizoaffective. In the intervals between my conjuring of reality, I really beleive it's the latter...schizoaffective. i don't even know if my imagination is what my external enviroment is (as per the perceptions in my brain) or that i'm just socially stupid and unaware of everyday customs and curtesies. Can someone please identify?

Posted by: Ricki Kennedy at July 8, 2005 09:51 AM

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