July 12, 2005

Vitamin D Important to Health

New research has shown a link between inadequate amounts of vitamin D and such diseases as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia and many forms of cancer.

As Thompson (2005) states "The report, Sunlight Robbery, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, has been greeted with caution by dermatologists and cancer societies whose main message is minimize your exposure to sun by wearing appropriate clothing and using a sunscreen with a protection factor of 15 or higher. 'A balance is required between avoiding an increase in the risk of skin cancer and achieving enough ultraviolet radiation exposure to achieve adequate vitamin D levels,' says Oliver Gillie, author of the report."

Many studies show that wearing a sunscreen consistently does not lead to people who are vitamin D deficient. If anything, using a sunscreen will only help one avoid skin cancer. This could be seen as a difficult balance to achieve but avoiding skin cancer seems like it should be a priority. As this article takes note of, 90 percent of skin cancers are caused by the sun.

The main thing to remember is that one's vitamin D intake has an effect on your chances of developing schizophrenia. Most people get their daily recommended dose of vitamin D through the milk that they drink, but that depends on the culture you come from and whether milk is considered to be a necessary and common part of your diet. Finding a way to make sure that you get an adequate amount of vitamin D can only help in the struggle against many diseases, including schizophrenia.

The source of this article was The Irish Times, by Sylvia Thompson written on July 12, 2005.

Our website has some great articles on the link between vitamin D and schizophrenia, you can find them at: http://www.schizophrenia.com/prevention/season.html Or http://www.schizophrenia.com/prevention/vitaminD.html


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