July 20, 2005

Charitable Organization Continues to Fight for Mentally Ill

The Fountain House Lahore (in Pakistan) is a charitable institution that provides help to rehabilitation efforts of those suffering from schizophrenia. Their week long celebration is coming to an end with some important messages to send out.

One in four Pakistanis has a mental health problem sometime within their life. "They said mental illness was not caused by a personal weakness rather it could affect anyone. Although, people with mental illness could play a big part in their own recovery, but they did not choose to become ill, and they were not lazy because they could not just 'snap out of it.' Mental illness is not a single disease but a broad classification for many disorders. Anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, eating disorders and organic brain disorders can cause misery, tears and missed opportunities, they added" (Business Recorder, 2005)

They renewed their pledge to keep fighting for the rehabilitation of the mentally ill and to continue persevering for the health of society. Awards were given in recognition of services within the mental health field.

The source of this article was the Business Recorder.

The Fountain House Lahore site is at: http://www.fountain-house.org/


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