August 08, 2005

Radio Talk on Assisted Treatment

If you've ever had a family member who was sick with schizophrenia and unable to seek the treatment they so desperately needed, we encourage you to call (or email) into the radio show (Voice of America) mentioned below. We know from the many people who contact us that assisted treatment is extremely important for many people who have schizophrenia and who don't know it:

The Treatment Advocacy Center's Assistant Director Jon Stanley will be on "Talk to America" tomorrow (Tuesday, August 9th) from 12 noon - 1 pm (EST).

Broadcast worldwide, Talk To America is Voice of America's first daily international call-in talk show. Host is Doug Bernard. To participate, call during the show between 1600-1700
GMT Monday - Friday. Call +1-202-619-3111 or send an email to

Click here For more details on joining the discussion

When: Tuesday - 09 August 2005 - 1600 UTC

Mental Health - The Ethics of Forced Medication

Jonathan Stanley: Asst. Director, Treatment Advocacy Center

Amy Campbell: Office for Human Subject Protection, University of

Judi Chamberlin: Board member, National Association for Rights
Protection & Advocacy

David Oaks: Director, MindFreedom (psychiatric rights advocacy group)

Various drugs are used for the treatment of mental illness, but
patients may refuse drugs that the psychiatrist believes are necessary.

Many treatment providers believe that the most troubled patients should be forcibly medicated for their own sake and the sake of the community. Others believe that the patient has the right to refuse treatment. We discuss the issue and take listener questions.


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