September 02, 2005

Call to Help Mentally ill in New Orleans

This just in from Carla Jacobs, former NAMI Board member:

I normally do not ask my friends for donations. But the situation for people with psychiatric disorders and their families in the hurricane destroyed states is horrendous. People with mental illness who have been displaced or were homeless initially are even less able to gain access to the relief efforts that are occurring.

As many of you know, I am a past board member for NAMI-national ( NAMI is the nation's largest advocacy organization for people with mental illness and their families. We are grassroots people helping on the grassroots level.

As of today, we are accepting direct contributions to help our members and others with mental illness in the impacted states. Under the guidance of the national office, our affiliates in those states will ASAP disburse those donations directly to the most pressing needs of people with mental illness. Additionally, we will be setting up a webpage for centralized information regarding locations providing immediate psychiatric assistance and as a point of contact for our members attempting to make contact with their relatives and families.

Additionally, Current Board Member Anand Pandya, M.D., Director of Ambulatory & Community Psychiatry from Bellevue Hospital and Co-Founder of Disaster Psychiatry Outreach, is gathering a number of his volunteers who will be ready to travel to the most urgent areas of need.

I'm not asking that you send much--$25 to $100 if you can. But, please help us help some of the people of this disaster who have very special needs that may otherwise be overlooked by mainstream relief efforts.

For immediate relief efforts, please donate by internet at: (click on the donate icon in the upper right hand corner.) Specify in the comment box that the donation is for the "For NAMI Gulf Coast Relief Fund"

Donations may also be mailed to the following address. Please specify they are for the Gulf Coast Relief Fund.

NAMI National
Colonial Place Three
2107 Wilson Blvd., Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201-3042


Thank you so very much
Carla Jacobs


My son is schizoaffective bipolar. we are homeless as the result of hurricane katrina. he had a psychotic episode the day before the hurricane, was brought by police to charity hospital, trapped in the deplorable condition there for a week during the crisis of flood, lack of food and water, and final rescue by the national guard. brought to central state hospital in pineville, la until i could get a ride to pick him up several days later. noncompliance with the meds (lithium and zyprexa) led to an extreme psychotic episode with threatening belligerent complications leading to being left with his father who convinced him to take medication. enrolled at lsu in baton rouge - a few weeks later was picked up by campus security and ended up at river oaks in new orleans for 3 weeks. i picked him up - he's been complying with medication (now depakote, risperdo, and benzotropene). doing better for the near month he's been taking meds, but very spacey and confused. almost out of meds and i have no money for a doctor or for another 1,000 dollar month of meds. i'm in baton rouge/new orleans - still homeless, trying to relocate to dallas. need some help with who to bring him to and how to get meds with no financial resources.
i'm unipolar and without prozac, and at the end of my rope - only family member who can care for him (needs help 24/7). I fear that i am going to breakdown and he will be left with no hope for recovery.
Help please.
Jan clements
thank you

Posted by: jan clements at December 20, 2005 05:25 AM

i hear voices in my head and i been a mentaly sick for 3 years waybe we can talk

Posted by: cody at August 1, 2006 03:38 PM

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