October 13, 2005

New Schizophrenia Ireland web site

Ireland's first website dedicated solely to schizophrenia has been launched.

The site, recover.ie, was developed by support group, Schizophrenia Ireland (SI). Around 41,000 people in Ireland are directly affected by this condition, along with their carers, families and friends.

The website is a comprehensive database of information, looking at the condition within an Irish context. It includes information on getting help, the recovery process, challenging stigma, legal issues, entitlements and employment. It also include details on the warning signs of suicide.

The site can be accessed at...



My sister has been diagnosed with schizophenia at the age of 25. Evidence of schizophrenia has been noted in my mother's ancestry- Martha Murphy.

I didn't realize the high volume of incidences in Ireland. Any collected data on why? What type of treatment is being provided for them? My sister has a high I.Q. -noted before medicine. She has a Master's degree in Theology. She loves physics/chemistry and is deeply religious to the Catholic faith though doesn't attend mass.

Any info is appreciated. Thank you.

Laura Campione
Special Education Teacher
Little Falls, New York USA

Posted by: Laura Campione at October 19, 2005 10:27 AM

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