October 30, 2005

Excellent New Schizophrenia Research Website

There is an excellent new schizophrenia research web site called SchizophreniaForum.org - which is targeted at schizophrenia researchers around the world, and designed to help accelerate the search for preventative measures, new treatments and ultimately a cure for schizophrenia.

While the web site is primarily designed for schizophrenia researchers - there is much on the site that the average person can learn from - such as the Interviews they are doing with the schizophrenia researchers in the field. Everyone can probably learn something from these interviews - and most of the information is not extremely technical. See the following link for an example:

Interview with Robin Murray, professor of psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry at Maudsley Hospital, Kings College, and University of London

We also recommend you pass the web site information on to any psychiatrists, or other people working in the area of treatment for people who have schizophrenia - so that they can keep track of new developments in the field, and help translate those developments into treatments to benefit people.

I've talked with Hakon Heimer a number of times during the past few years as he began working on this project (he previously was one of the founding group of the Alzheimers Forum), and again he and his team have done an excellent job. I think that this new site will be an extremely valuable tool to help accelerate the progress of schizophrenia research around the world, and at the same time provide new hope to schizophrenia sufferers and their families.

The web site was developed with contributions from NARSAD, and (I believe) about a $700,000 grant from the NIMH for a three year contract.

Visit the site: SchizophreniaForum.org


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