December 16, 2005

How to Prepare to Travel, when mentally ill

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The "" web site has this information for people who are traveling:

In light of the recent news coverage of a traveler whose unstable bipolar disorder precipitated a deadly confrontation with US Air Marshals, many people with severe mental illnesses are worried about traveling. One member of this community shares her frustration writing, "How are we supposed to get places when unstable?" Following are a few suggestions, many contributed by other community members, that may help alleviate some of these fears and make needed traveling more tolerable.

Here's How:
1. Speak with your healthcare provider about your travel plans and any concerns you may have. A one time prescription or tweak to your current medications may help alleviate some of the anxiety and emotional upheaval common for those traveling.

2. Be sure to take with you enough of each of your prescriptions to cover your entire trip. It would also be prudent to have several extra days of medications just in case there is an unforeseen change in your travel plans. If you call your health insurance company and inform them of your travel plans, they will generally accommodate early refills.

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Posted by: Phoebe at November 2, 2007 02:41 AM

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