December 19, 2005

More News on Cannabis / Marijuana & Schizophrenia Link

The Times of London conveyed the following in a recent article titled "Cannabis: it's time for a rethink". In the article they talk about the long history of evidence for the link of cannabis / marijuana and psychosis and ultimately schizophrenia.

In the story they mention that Professor of Pharmacology at Oxford University, William Paton was one of the world's experts on cannabis.

"In the 1970s Paton and his colleagues published many papers describing their observations, which had led him to conclude that even regular social cannabis smoking could induce schizophreniform symptoms. ...

Paton also drew attention to cases in which schizophrenia seemed to have been precipitated by taking cannabis in people who had previously been apparently unaffected by any form of psychiatric or psychological problems, and in whom there was no evidence that they were carrying a genetic burden that might make them liable to schizophrenic breakdown.

In one series of cases Paton and his colleagues found that there were several instances in which for some reason the person had had a psychiatric assessment, although without at the time evidence of psychological problems. Later they used cannabis and this had coincided with a psychotic breakdown.

It wasn't only the work of Oxford that drew attention to this link. A US study indicated that once cannabis became readily available (taken as being between 1967 and 1971) the incidence of schizophrenia in US Army personnel in Europe increased 38-fold in a five-year period. The authors of the American report had no hesitation in blaming the popularity of cannabis smoking among US soldiers."

Source: Times of London, Cannabis: it's time for a rethink

More Information: Marijuana / Cannabis and Schizophrenia


Harmless drug? I think not. Many studies like these are pointing to the same conclusion: cannabis use is linked to schizophrenia. I have only known two people who used the drug heavily and BOTH appear to have the disease. This is not a valid sample, but two out of two is enough for me to keep well away from pot.

Recently the British Government classified marijuana as a class C drug (where A is the most dangerous ). They must rethink this in the light of this evidence.

Finally, the link between schizophrenia and drug misuse might well be stronger if you include the undiagnosed cases. Users by their very nature are often disconnected from society and medical help.

Posted by: Martin Sladdin at December 20, 2005 03:15 PM

I honestly can't believe the rubbish you publish!

Think it through. If cannabis causes a 38 times increase in schizophrenia, then countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA etc which have experienced an enormous increase in cannabis use since the 1960s would have a massive increase in schizophrenia levels.

I can't quote figures from other countries, but in Australia we had almost zero cannabis use in 1963. By 1998, 46% of males aged 20-29 reported recent use of cannabis. This is the demographic in Australia most susceptible to schizophrenia. However, schizophrenia levels in Australia did not increase. (There are longitudinal studies on this, tho I can't quote them off the top of my head ... Prof Wayne Hall was one of the researchers)

If cannabis causes schizophrenia as you suggest, there should be massive madness plagues all throughout the western world, accompanying our cannabis plague.

There aren't.

According to the best Australian research, schizophrenia levels have remained steady, not just in Australia but throuout the world.


Dr John jiggens

Posted by: dr john jiggens at December 26, 2005 04:19 PM

From first hand exerience I can tell you this is a 100% pure fact

Keep your loved ones as far away as possible from the drug culture

I have seen so many beautiful lives needlessly destroyed

Posted by: Mike at December 29, 2005 01:19 PM

Sorry Martin and Mike, real verifiable facts outweigh personal feelings with a "trust me" attached.
By the way, from my "personal experience", I haven't seen anyone apparently develop mental problems from cannabis use (and I've known MANY very heavy cannabis users), though I don't expect you or anyone to take my word for it. Look at facts and let them speak for themselves, and ignore garbage propganda and meaningless anecdotes that are mistakenly assumed to have some application to the world at large!
Bravo to Dr. Jiggens for showing some sense in here...

Posted by: Patrick at January 25, 2006 01:26 AM


Posted by: JAMES SMITHSON at November 22, 2006 03:35 PM

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Posted by: Jojo at January 25, 2007 04:22 AM

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Posted by: Jojo at January 25, 2007 04:22 AM

I don't know what some of you are on but you are out of touch. I had a psychotic episode induced by marijuana known as toxic psychosis. This triggered ongoing episodes (after not using any more pot) until diagnosed with schizophrenia. After the initial episode I met many people who now refuse to use cannabis because of one single triggered psychotic episode. Fair enough not everyone that uses thinks they have spiders in their hair (what one person told me) but you'd have to be pretty naive and lack communicative skills not to hear about people who are not conducive to this drug. Use it if you feel like. I have friends that are regular users and they're fine. But don't preach that it is safe, because you can play with your own life but not others.

Cheers, never done this before. Hope to hear many rebuttal's.

Posted by: Ross at December 19, 2007 04:39 AM

Marijuana ruined my life!There,how do you like that?I went from an B+ student in high school to an absolute wreck over the span of several years as a heavy user.Right now I am on anti-depressants(not very effective)because I have lost the ability to feel emotions,make decisions,plan for the future,and relate/interact with other people.I had never,untill recently, made the connection to pot because every Tom,Dick,and Harry said it was not only safe but benificial!!!!After stopping altogether about three months ago,I have noticed a gradual improvment in several of my symptoms, which to me is a pretty good indication of the cause.Believe whatever you like,but don`t you dare recommend marijuana as a safe "recreational" drug.Its really not.

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