January 06, 2006

Arkansas Jails a Dumping Ground for Mentally Ill

Psychiatrist says that Arkansas jails warehouse mentally ill

Associated Press reported today that a psychiatrist testified that Arkansas jails are today, and have been for a long time, acting as a dumping ground for the mentally ill. The psychiatrist testified in a lawsuit that seeks to improve services for people with mental health problems who end up behind bars.

The store stated:

"Jails were a significant area of warehousing and continue to be to this day," Dr. Bob Gale of Little Rock testified Thursday in the federal trial of a case brought by a man whose ill father died in the Benton County jail.

Darin Winters of Bella Vista sued the county and state officials after his 60-year-old father, Donald Winters, became irrational and died Jan. 1, 2003, of an infection related to an ulcer. The elder Winters had been arrested Dec. 28, 2002, on a criminal trespass charge and his son told jail officials that Donald Winters was mentally ill and needed treatment.

Source: Associated Press


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