February 22, 2006

San Francisco - New Early Schizophrenia Treatment Program

University of California, San Francisco announced today that they have launced a new Early Schizophrenia Diagnosis and Treatment research program for people who are showing the earliest signs of schizophrenia (and who have not yet been diagnosed by a doctor).

The program administrators provided these details:

San Francisco, California - PART (Prodrome Assessment Research and Treatment) Program.

We provide early detection services for adolescents and young adults (age 12-35) with symptoms suggesting risk for a psychotic disorder. Our research program focuses on early identification of psychosis and includes expert evaluation, education, monitoring of symptoms, case management and referral to excellent treatment services. We assist young people and their families who are struggling with the early phase of serious mental illness.

We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you are eligible for our research program. Please call for an appointment or for more information: 415-476-PART (which is 415-476-7278 ).

We are located at the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). 401 Parnassus Ave., San Francisco, CA, 94143-0984.

We've added the listing to our Worldwide list of Early Schizophrenia Diagnosis and Treatment centers.


I think the government needs to invest in some federal funded hospitals. There are more mentally people than people talk about. Twenty-five million Americans suffer from depression.

Posted by: Louie at February 22, 2006 06:11 PM

America doesn't have govt. sponsored medicine from the tax payers but I think canada and europe does tax their citizens to pay for everyone's healthcare

Posted by: Mike at February 27, 2006 10:12 AM

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