March 11, 2006

Art by People living with Psychosis (podcast)

ABC Australia has published this "Podcast":

For some individuals living with psychosis art-making becomes an act of necessity, a way to bring coherence to experiences that threaten to overwhelm. We meet an artist whose hallucinatory episodes serve as inspiration for paintings and drawings as we learn about the fascinating history of 'Outsider Art'.

Click here to reach the Podcast (an MP3 recording that you download to your computer to listen to). A broadband internet connection (xDSL or cable) is best.

Outsider Art - Podcast


as a researcher in the
field, we have gone the
umpteenth mile to try and
help. even giving the
illness to ourselves, in
a futile attempt to cure,
the incurable. sometimes,
we say, its a compensation
for a romance, or a rejection. fundamentals
of psychiatry by strecker
is still a mainstay, along
with the menninger clinics,
classic ego based theories.
we are not just protoplasm.

Posted by: richard westwood at March 15, 2006 08:13 PM

Thank you for this web site…

I was diagnose with paranoid schizophrenia several years back, and only now am I able to used art as a way to deal with the depression and anger…I personally belief that Abstract Art is the perfect medium for this mental illness. Please note: that the New York Times Newspaper did story about my life...the article was not the complete story, but it did give a little part of the history with this disorder.

If you go to,
and type my name in the search box (Rodney Smith)
you can read the newspaper article your self…

Mr. Rodney James Smith

Posted by: Rodney James Smith at January 12, 2008 07:56 PM

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