May 17, 2006

Work Progresses on Biological Tests for Schizophrenia

The Ness Foundation of the UK is a medical research organisation that we've reported on in the past that is currently working to develop easy-to-use test kits which can diagnose whether a person is suffering from a mental illness such as schizophrenia.

The Ness Foundation has researched mental health for ten years and the group, part of the UHI Millennium Institute, has now opened its first genetics lab in Inverness.

The DNA research performed at this new lab will be used to help design the skin and breath tests for schizophrenia that they are hoping to bring to market, and make available to GPs in the future.

To read more about the breath and skin tests for schizophrenia - click on these links: Schizophrenia breath tests and schizophrenia niacin skin tests.

We hope that this research is successful and a product is announced at sometime in the future. However it will likely be a few years before conclusive results are available (and ultimately the test kits produced for general use - if they prove to be of high accuracy).

More information: The Ness Foundation, UK


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