May 20, 2006

$2 Million more for Group Homes for Mentally ill in Canadian City

The Peterborough Examiner (Ontario, Canada)reported this week that another $2 million has been commited to fund housing for people with mental illnesses in that city (with a population of 76,000).

The paper reported that the announcement was met enthusiastically, and supported their local early schizophrenia intervention program.

One of the people commenting on the new housing effort was Allyson Susko, public educator and family support co-ordinator with Lynx Early Psychosis Intervention Program.

She said early detection of psychiatric problems, particularly in those between 17 and 29, is changing the face of mental illness. People are recovering more quickly, and their recoveries are more stable, she said. Other comments were:

"Overall, I think it's great. It goes a long way," said Mark Graham, executive director of the Canadian Mental Health Association's local branch, which oversees a variety of mental health services in the city and county.

"We've seen a significant investment over the last two years. Obviously mental health and addictions are on the minister's radar," Graham said.

"The focus is on individuals who have a run-in with police or may go to emerge and not be admitted. These are people with serious mental health issues and perhaps also addiction issues," Graham said.

Source: Peterborough Examiner (Ontario, Canada), May 20th


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