June 15, 2006

New Housing for people who have schizophrenia in Canada

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Housing is a common problem for people with schizophrenia. Here is a recent story on how they are handling the issue in British Columbia, Canada:

"The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) will invest up to $3.3 million annually to provide 184 new affordable housing units offering intensive support to people with mental health and addiction issues on Vancouver Island, including 15 new units in Port Alberni.

VIHA has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to enter into long term leases with property owners or developers to lease suitable existing or new apartment buildings. VIHA would provide 24/7 on-site clinical support.

Kathryn Kilpatrick, co-ordinator of VIHA's Port Alberni mental health and addictions program, said the new housing is sorely needed. Local residents who suffer from mental health issues also experience frequent housing crises.

"Many of our clients end up getting evicted," Kilpatrick said, adding that sometimes this is due to a lack of understanding and other times a client's ability to cope."

Addiitonally, the news story reported:

The facility will house people with illnesses such as schizophrenia, major depression and organic brain disorders. Some clients with existing mental health issues also suffer from addiction issues, Kilpatrick said.

This option will be in place for those who may have been hospitalized and are stable enough to be released, but not necessarily ready to go home.

Three such housing units are now in place in Victoria and officials say all three are success stories.

According to the health authority, such support helps those with mental health issues to improve both their health and quality of life, resulting in lower use of other health care services.

VIHA's five-year plan calls for a net increase of 313 new units for people with mental health and addictions issues over the next several years.

The RFP (request for proposal) is available at www.bcbid.ca or visit www.viha.ca for more information.


is there housing available for patients in canada?

Posted by: a. rahmilov at June 19, 2006 11:54 PM

Is there housing available for patients in Toronto, Ontario?

Posted by: a. rahmilov at June 19, 2006 11:55 PM

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