June 21, 2006

The Effects of Stress on Family Caregivers

There is an article in the web publication "Psychiatric Times" - which while the article is written for psychologists and psychiatrists, may have some beneficial information for family caregivers. The article notes:

"Studies have shown that interventions to support caregivers have proved beneficial to health outcomes. Interventions with active treatments reduced burden (ie, perceived psychological problems), and pleasant event therapies (ie, interventions that teach caregivers to identify and pursue experiences that give them pleasure on a regular basis) decreased depression. Among persons with coronary disease, higher levels of the metabolic syndrome in caregivers than noncaregivers are explained, in part, by the fact that caregivers also have lower levels of pleasant experiences than noncaregivers. Pleasant experiences are also correlated with higher NKA in caregivers with cancer histories.

Dietary and physical activity interventions show 1-year improvements in health behaviors, depression, and sleep problems. In a meta-analysis, Brodaty and associates examined interventions and found benefits in caregiver distress/knowledge that were reflected in improved care-recipient mood and delayed nursing home admission. They noted that programs may be more successful if they involve care recipients and caregivers, are more intensive, and are modified to caregivers' needs. Other investigators have found that interventions should be tailored to caregiver ethnicity, because ethnic groups respond differently to caregiving."

Read the full article here: Stress on Family Caregivers, Recognition and Management

Posted by szadmin at June 21, 2006 11:09 AM

More Information on Schizophrenia - Family impact


I have a close friend in INdia whose Mom was diagnosed Last feb with paranoid schizophrenia. Him and the husband know nothing of this disease and also she doesnt suffer from any hallucinations. How can I support him??

Posted by: teresa hreford at January 27, 2007 06:22 AM

I grew up with a mother who is schizophrenic. I never knew her to be normal. The best advice I could give to you for your friend is to have patience with her, be on top of her medical care(doctors, meds and psychiatrist etc..) make sure she is taking her medication daily. The illness gets worse with age. Schizophrenics need a stable environment just like children. See the difference here is I never knew my mother normal so for awhile I had resentment issues throughout my life. Your friend is going to have grieve from the loss of the mother he once knew. This illness is terrible and it can and has torn families apart including my own. theres never going to be any explanations for why? the best answer i ever came up with is that the devil robbed my mother of her life! Hope I was at all helpful.Keep praying for your friends family and be an ear and a shoulder for your friend to relay on when they need it thats the best you can do for them. Don't judge!
Sincerly, Daniela

Posted by: daniela collins at August 10, 2007 11:27 AM

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