June 27, 2006

Mental Health Stigma Reduction? Proof is in the Politics

Dr. John Grohol's Psych Central has a good blog entry today on the roll of mental health stigma reduction, politics, and public education - and how they impact how frequently people actually get treatment. It notes:

There is no greater obstacle to people receiving treatment for psychological problems than the stigma associated with it. Embarrassment, feelings of failure, and individualism are all pieces related to the greater socio-cultural stigma that relegates a depressed person to his bedroom and relationship problems to closed doors. At least half of Americans who are in need to treatment do not seek services. Practitioners have long fought to have this pressure reduced through education campaigns, open dialogue, and mental health insurance coverage, and it although stigma is still a force, it appears that these efforts may be making an impact.

We encourage you to read the entire entry, and follow the links:

Mental Health Stigma Reduction?


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