August 25, 2006

Mental Health First Aid Program Initiated in Australia

An innovative new program in Australia called "Mental Health First Aid" highlights the potential to educate people about how to help someone who is starting to experience severe mental illness and needs assistance.

This campaign runs mental health first aid courses that teach people the skills they need in an emergency situation with someone who is, for example, suffering from severe psychosis, or early stages of schizophrenia.

Full information on the program is available on the group's website with information and advice. Whereever you live, you can educate yourself to help people in crises. The program sounds like a good idea to us - but we have not evaluated the curriculum or manual content so we can not vouch for its effectiveness, accuracy, or completeness.

The course manual is online as a pdf file. In addition, brief advice suitable for all situations in which someone might have mental health difficulties is presented.

Apparently, the campaign is going to be launched world-wide, so watch for courses coming to a location near you.

(Special Thanks to Tim for pointing this news out to us)

More information: Mental Health First Aid


Its great to see some implimentation within mental health, even if It's a little progress, I think It's awesome to educate and provide people with a little skill in dealing with a crisis.
Kind Regards,

Posted by: yooralla at August 28, 2006 04:09 AM

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