September 02, 2006

Australian State Launches Strategy to Prevent Mental Illness

Given the continued growth in scientific research that is showing (just as with virtually all other diseases and disorders) there are significant opportunities for prevention of mental illness (by identifying those at high risk, by early identification of disorders, and by rapid and comprehensive treatment). Based on this knowledge, the Territory of Canberra, Australia has launched a three-year strategy yesterday to help prevent mental illness.

This year's budget provided new funding of $758 thousand (Aus $) specifically for mental health prevention and early intervention programs. Total spending on mental health was expected to increase by more than $8 million (Aus $) to $50.9 million (Aus $).

The government warned yesterday that the cost of treating mental illnesses was rising rapidly and that the best way to combat these costs was with preventative actions, which research and clinical practice is now showing is effective. Depression alone will be one of the world's greatest health problems by 2020, if preventative actions are not taken.

The ACT (Australia Capital Territory) Government will spend more on prevention and early intervention in the coming years, to hopefully reduce the demand for critical mental health services. The community also had a role to play, by recognising that mental health problems were legitimate.

''We need to shift the focus back to how we can prevent, at the early stages, mental illness from becoming such a huge burden on our community,'' she said. ''We've put some money in, it's probably not enough at this stage, but ... the acute end [of services] always gets the money, and that's always the most expensive end.''

Source: Canberra Times, Australia

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Posted by szadmin at September 2, 2006 11:55 AM

More Information on Schizophrenia Prevention


I am sending this because I need to know more about schitzophrenia affectivde disorder.

Can it be caused by binge drinking for instance - even if you are not really an alcoholic?


Posted by: Margaret at September 29, 2006 09:15 AM

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