October 23, 2006

When Your Parent Has a Mental Illness

The Counseling Center at the University of Illinois has a good section of their web site devoted to helping children of the mentally ill. Included on the web site are details on the common issues these children face, and suggestions on how to address them.

It notes:

Growing up in any family can be challenging at times, but there are often special problems and challenges for families in which one or both parents have a mental illness. Children in these families often have to deal with instability or unpredictability. Often there is confusion in family roles and children have to take over many of the adult responsibilities, such as taking care of younger brothers and sisters or managing household duties normally managed by adults. They may even have the responsibility of taking care of the emotional or physical needs of their parents.

A good source of information if its relevant (click on following link):

Counseling Center at the University of Illinois - When Your Parent has a Mental Illness


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