November 08, 2006

Chemical Exposure Linked to Worldwide Rise in Childhood Brain Disorders

Although a few common regulated industrial chemicals are recognized as being able to adversely affect fetal and childhood brain development, doctors Grandjean MD and Landrigan MD write in 'Developmental Neurotoxicity of Industrial Chemicals' published in The Lancet, that another 200 industrial chemicals known to cause neurotoxic effects in adults are not being regulated. The researchers claim that chemicals that seep into our environment may be causing a "silent pandemic" of brain diseases, impairing brain development, lowering IQs and costing billions of dollars in lost productivity.

They assert that further industry regulations are needed to protect children and pregnant women, because of these problems.

The prevailing thinking among researchers studying childhood brain disorders is that both genetic and environmental factors play a role.

See full length article at the BBC News Site: Concern over chemicals brain risk

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Original Research Source: Developmental Neurotoxicity of Industrial Chemicals

More Information on the Environment and Early Brain Development:


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