December 09, 2006

Veterans Administration is Underfunding Mental Health Services

The Washington Post reported this week that the money that was allocated to provide mental health services isn't being spent. While the current budget deficits in the US are causing healthcare expenses in all areas to be cut by the government, people with psychiatric illness tend to get hit harder.

The Post reported that the

"VA launched a plan in 2004 to improve its mental health services for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorders and substance-abuse problems. To fill gaps in services, the department added $100 million for mental health initiatives in 2005 and another $200 million in 2006. That money was to be distributed to its regional networks of hospitals, medical centers and clinics for new services.

But the VA fell short of the spending, by $12 million in 2005 and about $42 million in fiscal 2006, said the Government Accountability Office, Congress investigative arm."

Read the full story: VA Faulted on Mental Health Spending


I'm a 70% service connected veteran,I was diagnosed 45 years ago with schizophrena,I was misdiagnosed,I was told this by a VA psychiatrist,he stated I have PTSD.
I was also told I have PTSD by 3 seperate psycologists,when I presented the statements to the VA,the VA told me,they had their own experts to make this determination.
Misdiagnoses are common within the VA medical system,the VA refuses to accept responsibilty for their errors,they always transfer the problem medical personel to another VA medical facility.
The VA is not a friend to the veteran,they are the enemy,20 years ago the VA reduced my rating from 100% to 70%,I was in 3 auto accidents,the VA ststed if I could be in an auto accident,my schizophrenia was in remission,I have never in my life heard this mental problem goes into remission.

Posted by: David at March 28, 2007 10:38 AM

Yes, the VA is the friend of the veteran..NOT. They are only protecting and looking out for themselves. Even with their own doctor's validating your claim they disapprove your claim out of hand. There may be good news for those of us serviced by the Winston-Salem facility, in my opinion one of the worst in the nation, I understand they are going to be investigated for improper validation of veterans claims. Cross your fingers that these people will get what is due them. The doctors have nothing to do with your claim determination it is decided by worthless civil service employees whose mission is to cheat the veteran..

Posted by: Jim at August 19, 2007 05:41 AM

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