December 11, 2006

San Francisco General Hospital - A Refuge For City's Most Fragile Minds

A well-written story about the San Francisco General Hospital's work to help people with psychiatric disorders appeared recently in the San Francisco Chronicle. The article highlights the challenges that individuals, families and hospital staff face in a large city hospital in the US. The story notes:

Among the 350 or so patients jammed into San Francisco General Hospital's beds on most days, the most common diagnosis upon admission is psychosis. Schizophrenia is second, followed by delivery of newborns, HIV, hypertension, pneumonia and depressive disorder. In other words, three of the top seven reasons people are admitted to General are psychiatric. Among the nearly 18,000 patients admitted last year, about 1 in 5 suffers from mental illness.

Read the full story: San Francisco's Hospital of Last Resort


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