February 23, 2007

Dallas to Pay for Mistreatment of Mentally Ill in Jail

The U.S. Department of Justice has said that lawsuits can be filed when jails violate inmates' rights by not providing adequate medical and mental health care.

The Houston Chronicle reports that now, a Dallas (Texas) county must pay out almost $1 million as a result of a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of three inmates. About half the money will go to one jail inmate who was not given psychiatric medications for two months and who nearly died from neglect while in custody. The rest of the money will go to the families of two inmates with schizophrenia who died.

Thanks goes to Elda for pointing out this news.

Read the full article: Dallas jail settles mistreatment lawsuit

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It's 2007 and sometimes still feels like like the middle ages as far as the treatment of ppl with Mental Illness is concerned.

I really dont understand how people with mental illness are not treated while in prison- it shows such a lack of insight on the part of the government.

There needs to be a campaign focusing on this, advertising etc, to get correct treatment for ppl with illnesses or disabilities in prison.

Posted by: x-G-x at February 28, 2007 03:30 AM

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