April 14, 2007

NARSAD Chosen by USA Today as a Charity "Closest to Nation's Heart"

The following is a special note from Constance Lieber, President of NARSAD (NARSAD is the leading nonprofit foundation which focuses on funding schizophrenia research):

USA Today, the most widely circulated newspaper in the United States, has selected NARSAD as one of 25 charities "closest to the nation's heart." This important recognition, which begins today, April 13th and continues through September, coincides with USA Today's 25th anniversary celebration.

In USA Today's weekend edition, dated April 13th, the paper’s signature front-page "Snapshot" captures NARSAD’s fight against mental illness. Over two days during the week of April 13 -19, ads about NARSAD will appear in the newspaper’s pages. (I’ve attached one.) Both the "Snapshot" and the ads will direct readers to a special NARSAD-USA Today webpage (www.narsad.usatoday.com), which goes “live” today and will remain on view through September, where the public will be encouraged to contribute to a “blog” about NARSAD and the importance of mental health research and to make donations.

We ask for your help
I believe that you, our leaders – who know NARSAD better than anyone else – can be of enormous help in making the most of the USA Today campaign. Please take a few minutes today, or at your earliest convenience, to visit the special NARSAD-USA Today webpage (www.narsad.usatoday.com) and, after completing a quick registration, add to the public dialogue on the NARSAD “blog.” Why is NARSAD important? What has motivated you, personally, to be actively involved with NARSAD? What should the public know about NARSAD and its mission? Your heartfelt testimonials will motivate others to get involved and to make contributions.

This opportunity with USA Today can be particularly fruitful for NARSAD thanks to a generous pledge of $1 million by the principals of Alpine Mutual Funds. Every dollar contributed by the public in connection with the USA Today campaign will be matched dollar for dollar. So, please add your testimonials to those of Mike Wallace and Representative Patrick Kennedy on the NARSAD “blog” as soon as possible.

I also encourage you to share this email with friends, family and colleagues, who may themselves be interested in helping NARSAD make the most of this excellent opportunity.

More information: www.narsad.org

or, go directly to the NARSAD Schizophrenia Donations Page


As an artist, NARSAD has helped me get my art into the public eye through NARSAD-ARTS. As a person with schizo-affective disorder, NARSAD made a huge impact on my life because I read about a drug that was in a clinical trial over eight years ago in their publication. I became determined to get myself into a clinical trial for this drug(ziprasidone), and this was the beginning of my recovery and a whole new life. Their report changed my life.
Now, a piece of my art is going to be used as the motif in an upcoming NARSAD Silver Ribbon Gala.
I am thrilled and honored to be part of this great effort!
Meghan Caughey

Posted by: meghan caughey at April 29, 2007 09:14 AM

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