May 05, 2007

Schizophrenia Researchers Looking for Volunteers in Australia

In one of the most ambitious medical research projects undertaken in Australia for researching schizophrenia, Australian medical researchers at the Schizophrenia Research Institute of Australia are looking for 4,000 initial volunteers - 2,000 with schizophrenia and 2,000 without. They wish to study people using a range of tests, including MRI scans to study the brain's structure, blood sampling for genetic screening as well as detailed psychological testing. The researchers hope to eventually recruit up 10,000 people over the next decade.

Professor Vaughan Carr, medical director of the Schizophrenia Research Institute said,

"We would like to see scientists of the future lining up to access this research bank with their particular scientific theories that this bank will enable them to test like no resource in this country or internationally,"

It is hoped that this opportunity to participate in research by donating their time, and allowing their blood and brains to be studied, will give patients and families of patients a way to constructively channel their desire to do something to help advance medical insight into schizophrenia, and hopefully contribute to some real advances in treatment.

For more information call (in Australia): 1800 639 295
Schizophrenia Research Institute Website:

Read the article: Brains wanted for schizophrenia research


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