May 11, 2007

New Weight Gain Prevention Study for Patients Taking Zyprexa

Obecure, Inc. -- an Isreal-based pharmaceutical company -- has conducted the first initiation visit for its Phase II clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of the company's OBE101 drug candidate for prevention of weight gain in patients treated with Zyprexa, (olanzapine) an antipsychotic medication. The study is a double-blinded, placebo-controlled multicenter trial in about 78 subjects over a period of four months. The study, approved by Health Canada and the central IRB, will be conducted at several psychiatric medical centers across Canada and will start at Penticton, BC. The trial is being conducted with the partial financial support of Eli Lilly & Co., the manufacturer of Zyprexa.

"Significant weight gain has been an unwanted side effect among patients taking Zyprexa," said Dr. Joseph Albeck, a Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School and the principal investigator of the study."Our goal in this study is to see if combining OBE101 with Zyprexa will prevent the weight gain without interfering with the antipsychotic benefits."

"Both Zyprexa and OBE101 impact the histamine receptor in the brain which controls our craving for food," said Dr. Nir Barak, Chief Scientific Officer of Obecure."Whereas Zyprexa, an inhibitor of the histamine receptor, triggers eating, OBDE101, an activator of the same receptor, suppresses food craving. Consequently, we expect OBE101 to offset the effect of Zyprexa and spare the patients unwanted weight gain."

Source: Obecure, Inc.


i have been on olanzapine for roughly 4 years and i think pesonally you do put weight on .but iam on 4 types of prescription drugs so it could be the combanation of the other drugs .but i must say olanzapine do help very much with my diease and i would recomend them for scizopherina they work i can honestly say they have helped me so much over the years .this is the first time i have contacted yous and i feel better i have found this web site thank u

Posted by: scottlarock at May 17, 2007 10:51 AM

i think its great that they have found a weight gain prevention drug and as i said it has helped me so much over the 4 years i have taken it and i have only relasped once in those 4 years . iused to be on risperadal they didnt agree with me at all and olazapine was the answer i havent had eny problems since .

Posted by: scottlarock at May 17, 2007 11:17 AM

I read about this OBE101 (AT UR SITE)which can be given with olanzapine to prevent weight gain. is it true? why do they not prescribe it then? please let me know more about it.

Posted by: Ruth at May 18, 2007 06:19 AM

ruth they have been prscribing olazapine in the uk for years and i found it to be a good drug for my scizopheria so they should try it in the states its a breakthough in medication for us what type of med are u on at the moment yours sincerly scottlarock

Posted by: scottlarock at May 18, 2007 05:43 PM

I have taken Zyprexa for 10 yrs. Doubled my weight in the firest few months then continue to gain. But I have to take it for sz -- nothing else helps. However, I often reduce it to very little (2.5mg) to lessen my appetite. I would give anything for a drug that took away the intense cravings.

Posted by: Donna at June 9, 2007 10:55 AM

why does it always fail?

Posted by: Jena at June 30, 2007 08:47 AM

as far as I can see this OBE101 is only on clinical trial and that means its going to be a long wait before its approved to be prescribed. can't we all urge, so that they hurry it up. you see, this weight gain can be fatal to some as it can cause Diabetes, heart disease etc. Its very important that some medication is prescribed to prevent this weight gain.
thank you.

Posted by: Jena at June 30, 2007 08:52 AM

where can we get more info re this wonder drug OBE101,

Posted by: Jena at June 30, 2007 08:56 AM


Obecure JUST completed its initial phase II clinical trial of this OBE101 medication ahead of schedule (as of 25 June 2007). They say it looked very promising.

It is not available for purchase. It is just available to people enrolled in studies. Recruitment by the National Institiute of Health Canada for studies with people taking Zyprexa is still taking place in Canada. I do not know how to enroll in such a study.

Here is more information:

Zyprexa and OBE101 both act on the histamine receptor in the brain, which controls the appetite, according to the company. Whereas Zyprexa, an inhibitor of the histamine receptor, triggers eating, OBDE101, an activator of the receptor, suppresses food craving and is expected to to offset the effect of Zyprexa.
And, From its press release updating status about the trials (keeping in mind that press releases tend to state only favourable results and simply not mention the possible bad things):
Obecure achieved promising results in a double-blind, placebo- controlled preliminary trial involving 20 obese women who were treated for four weeks with a 16 mg. twice daily dose of OBE101 . The study showed that subjects in the treatment arm significantly reduced more weight than their placebo counterparts. Moreover, the weight reduction could be attributed to a reduction in their intake of fatty foods.

“We also believe that the results of the Phase II trial will confirm OBE101’s remarkable safety profile, previously established in more than 100 million people treated for its initial approved indication of vertigo,” added Dr. Beck. “"The need for an improved safety/efficacy profile for novel anti-obesity drugs was underscored by the FDA advisory committee's recent recommendation to deny approval of a new anti-obesity drug being developed by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer because of safety concerns.”

Commenting on the pharmacological breakthrough that OBE101 offers in the area of weight management, Dr. Nir Barak, CSO of Obecure explained: “We are developing a novel approach for weight management, based on the activation of the histaminergic pathway. Such activation should reduce patients’ appetite and especially their craving for fatty foods, thereby helping them lose weight.”

Posted by: Jeanie W. at July 1, 2007 06:32 AM

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