June 04, 2007

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Information and Videos

With illegal drug addiction identified as one of the key risk factors, and ongoing problem, for people who have schizophrenia - its important to understand the state of the science and treatments in this area.

Research suggests that worldwide there are nearly 800 million people who are addicted to a substance. (we find it strange that most 'addiction surveys' fail to recognize nicotine addiction.)

HBO has, in an an effort to shed a light on this vast and growing neurosocial epidemic, has produced a new video series called "The Addiction Project". The 90-Minute film as well as 14 other related films, is now offered for free on the HBO Addiction website.

The HBO website is designed as a resource for people who are interested in the science of addiction, and for individuals and families who need help with addictions. If you believe you may have a problem go you might take a minute and read this HBO webpage.

More Information: HBO Addictions Web Site


When you are a parent with schizophrenia it is especially important to avoid alcohol, i've read to many autobiographies of people who's parents had schizophrenia and alcohol addiction to know they don't go hand in hand.

Posted by: x-G-x at June 5, 2007 07:04 AM

I'm desperately seeking help for my 26 year old son who is paranoid schizophrenia.

How do we begint he process for him to get disability? He cannot follow directions and forgets alot of things. So there is no way he would be able to hold a job. Who can I go for help?

Help me please.

Posted by: Rose Y. at March 27, 2008 05:02 PM

People with schizophrenia may find themselves losing the ability to relax, concentrate or sleep.Once it has taken hold, schizophrenia tends to appear in cycles of remission and relapse.People with schizophrenia may think, for example, that someone is spying on them, listening to their thoughts, or placing thoughts in their minds.
So they seem to think that alcohol would be the answer to supress those thoughts!
Alcohol would be the wrong step to take for them to ease their minds. It would only counteract against them making them feel less useful and cause depression. When the both combinations are put together it will cause the individual to become more lethal to themselves!
If you know of someone with this problem please seek the right help.


Posted by: Lora at May 20, 2008 06:55 AM

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