June 08, 2007

Mental Health Hospital Admissions Due to Cannabis up 85% in England

A new report out of the UK indicates that mental health hospitalizations due to cannabis in the England are up 85% in the 2006 calendar year, compared to the hospitalization rate in 1996.

"Professor Robin Murray, professor of psychiatry at London's Institute of Psychiatry and member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: "There is no doubt that cannabis-related psychiatric problems have increased substantially.

"This might be down to better recognition, but I would say these figures are just the tip of the iceberg. Its only more recently that psychiatrists have understood the importance of cannabis use."

He said cannabis use was a contributing factor in up to 10% of schizophrenia cases, yet this was under-recognised."

Unfortunately, due to the fractured nature of healthcare in the US, similar records are not available to do comparisons with.

Read the Full Story: Cannabis hospital admissions rise

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This is a tragedy of monumental proportions. The need for medication against this type of THC-induced schizophrenia is urgent.

The scientists found that cannabidiol might make a medication for this type of schizophrenia. The research into this is desperately needed to go into the fast-track.

Also, every newspaper in the UK should carry warnings that the newer, stronger cannabis is making people sick. That way it will not sound like it is just a lecture that "all marijuana is bad" which the youth will not listen to.

Posted by: A at June 8, 2007 01:01 PM

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