June 20, 2007

High Non-Complaince Rate for Medication in China

A survey, conducted by the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and the Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd found that over 7.8 million Chinese people are suffering from schizophrenia. Mental Health issues are increasing in China, some believe the competitive nature of Chinese society and the daily pressures are to blame. Between 30-40% of the 7.8 million Chinese people suffering from schizophrenia have poor drug compliance. Though this survey was partially associated with a drug company (Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical ), poor medication compliance is something patients suffering from schizophrenia may face. The paranoid and delusional nature of the disorder can increase defiance to treatment, especially medications.

Read Press Release:

More than 7.8 Mln Chinese Suffer from Schizophrenia China.org.cn

Resources for Medication Compliance:

How to help someone who stops taking their medicines
by Dr. Peter Weiden

Improving medication compliance of a patient with schizophrenia through collaborative behavioral therapy. Heinssen RK. Psychiatr Serv. 2002 Mar;53(3):255-7.


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