November 15, 2007

New Documentaries on PBS: Childhood & Adolescent-Onset Schizophrenia

As part of their four time Emmy-winning series, Keeping Kids Healthy (currently in its eighth season), PBS will be airing two documentaries focused on schizophrenia. The first one, titled, Child-Onset Schizophrenia: A Life Interrupted, will be airing at the end of December. It will be followed by, Adolescent-Onset Schizophrenia: 1 in Every 100 Young People. Both documentaries focus on recognizing the early signs of schizophrenia and aim to educate parents about these illnesses.

More Information on These Documentaries

Please Check the PBS Station for Your Local Show Times

You can get information about how to purchase a DVD of the program here: How to Purchase DVD of program

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A special thanks to Edward for notifying us


Will it be available online? Too bad if not.

Posted by: CopperKettle at November 15, 2007 09:37 PM

You can go to the PBS station website (linked on the blog entry) and see if they have any information on this. If they don't, you can contact them through their toll-free numbers (listed on their website), and ask if they have these documentaries available online. I know you can purchase them in DVD versions.

Posted by: szwriter at November 16, 2007 09:45 PM

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