Helpful Websites and Other Online Resources

Below is a list of websites and web-based resources (reviewed for content quality) about schizophrenia, mental illness, and related topics for consumers and family members. Many of the organizations we cite below have vast websites of their own with loads of information - it can be helpful to just spend a few hours browsing through them at your leisure. You'd be surprised what you can find! Other links are to government or research sites, directly to pages concerning special topics of interest, or to online reference/reading material (sometimes in pdf format).

Table of Contents:

Organization Websites
Science, Research, Biology Sites
Special Topics of Interest for consumers and family
Online Bookshelf
Consumer, Family, and Professional Web Pages

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Organization Websites (mostly non-profit)

Science, Research, and Biology Sites:

Special Topics of Interest:

Online Bookshelf - Free reading material:
(note: many of the files below require Adobe Acrobat reader. Download a free version of Adobe Acrobat here.)

Web Pages from Consumers, Family Members, and Professionals:



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