April 21, 2004


So often I have wanted to jump into his head and see where his thoughts carry him.What happens inside.I try very hard to understand his silences or be able to decipher the feelings in his eyes.Often I have had this very bizzarre thought what if it was possible to give him my brain.
If it is possible to lend hearts,kidneys,liver then why not the brain.
And if it became possible it would mean that he would carry my memories,my knowledge, my likes and dislikes,my interests my hobbies,my thresholds of tolerance and pain.
Then what happens to the SElf we learn about and experience in spirituality.If all lies in the brain what is this?
The Self/the soul is ever existent it is the essence/the enegy that vibrates through every cell of our body it is neither male nor female it is the yin and the yang,the ardhnarieshwar.
Is his soul broken too, if I could mend it would it make him feel better?
If I cant reach his thoughts can anyone anything touch his soul?

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