April 21, 2004

Acceptance again.

We had done all required..
There was medicine compliance,not a dose skipped,loving,unconditional,nonexpectant enviornment at home,gentle yet firm
approach, therapuetic communication techniques,psychosocial rehabilitation at a day care,loving detachment, minimal stress,no strangers at home...
But the subtle waiting never ceased,the whys resurrected time and again..there was a firm resolve to never let things slip again, to minimize disruption,to minimise pain.
Chanting helped me enormously it settled my mind .I wanted to find my son who I had lost somewhere between the haze of schizophrenia and the medicines correcting it.
Books give you only one kind of knowledge I had to supplement it with real experiences of people affected and so started our little bunch of siblings,parents
with real life experiences.Our own little club.

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