May 12, 2004

This is mine

"This is mine and I seek a spiritual solution to this situation"Wayne W Dyer
And i do on a daily basis.
This is not a problem and i fulfill my destiny without guilt/anger or remorse.I was assigned this task in this body and whatever his condition is in this incarnation it is not him and iam not it.
A young child may be an ancient soul.Who is to know?
By teaching my son to adamantly refuse to think of himself as limited in anyway.
and to help him see that his spirit is perfect and always connected to God,regardless of his impairments is the way to implant a spiritual solution in the mind of any young person.
To make this happen i try each moment to keep my thoughts centered on what i want rather than on what i dont.And use my thoughts to keep the enegy on healing rather than the illness.

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and after a time of decay comes the turning point. thou shalt heal!
As one site promptly read " Everyone in the world except thee and me is mad, and even thee is a little cracked";) keep fighting and you realize in the end that it was not a fight, it was the Way.

Posted by: puzli at May 12, 2004 09:01 AM

Advertisement Home | About | Donate/Volunteer | Contact | Jobs | Early Schizophrenia Screening Test Not My Son Previewing your Comment I want say that this is mine personal opinion and this is all it is. There is no facts to place in a world that constantly turns, yearns, misplace. That faces past, present and future all at one time. See Ihave what I would like to call a friend of mine. I have met not too long ago. There have been some mentioning about schizophrenia in such short amt of time. Along with alcohol abuse and domestic abuse. Suddenly after a downfall with his ex (a friend of mine) and with a sudden attraction, known to him as a fascination to me I find myself taking her place. I have not been abused by this fella physically. Verbally as though in a third party scenerio. I have made it known that I were aware of his actions while in an abusive stage. i made him aware that i wasn't intrested in ingaging in this types of acts and could not take the verbal abuse. He is so sincere and humble in day, when not drinking yet. I wonder if he is normal thruout a full day when not drinking. I don't know him and have been warned that it is truly dangerous to be around him. We get along for the most/some part and I know that with the mentality and spirituality that i have I can dedicate myself to being a good friend but how can I be that and confident? is it worth it. He come to me and in a sence it seems as a cry for help and for change.l what should I do. How can things be anyway normal for him without me suffering abnormalties. I mean I hate to judge. But no one wants to be mislead. So how can from the beginning you are being mislead whether by misception or by illness and continue to live and maintain healthy lifestyle? Is it worth it? Because I am so damn versatile, accepting and in this world of mine I can still accept you to say " This Is Mine." I love that, knowing that (if it wasn't) I will still want someone to treat me like I would......Like i could, like I should and would like.

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