May 15, 2004


Once a week I go to the daycare centre and have chat with the counsellors there and together we work out the new goals to set for my son.
The earliest goal I set for myself,for him and got the counsellors to work on was to make him smile.
Two months later it started happening more there than at home but I caught glimpses of it and my heart was full of joy.
Today he is still symptomatic but relates to reality more avidly,makes interesting eye contact, colors drawings given to him with firm definite strokes,strikes off designated alphabets from a piece of writing as part of the concentration exercises and participates in group sharing of feelings.I brought back his work from the day care and see the rebirth of a child..unfolding softly before my eyes.
I have already been warned of what lies ahead, as reality creeps in so does the "shark" of depression.
I visualise it however as a dolphin bearing new life which carries him painlessly into his new life.

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