May 30, 2004

One day at a time 2

Today he watched TV for a full 20 minutes with the volume on normal(not turned down),he wrote two pages for a presentation he was to give at the day care,he searched his cd collection,he expressed the desire to go out,he did not slump with his head down..simple things for most, accomplishments for him,green markers in his progress diary.
I have never been the most scheduled person or giving to making lists and planning for the day..most of my life I have planned impromptue,done things that suited my mood,changed jobs and styles rapidly and now Iam perhaps the most scheduled person 8am wake up time..bath time..going out time..return..meal time,medicine time, sleep time and so on...
Soon after he leaves for the day care I spend time with myself ..relax,have coffee,complete my prayers.
Planning is intrinsic to his survival day at a time.. any plans running further than sleep time vex him..any talk planning weeks or months ahead are met with complete disinterest ..the day is so full for him in his head that one day at a time is all that he can take.
Each chore,action that happens so unconsciously for us is a conscious effort a planned out move for him. Any disruption especially a negative ones throws him off balance.
Yesterday a friend asked how long more and I had no answer tentatively I said at least two symptom free years and then we shall see how much responsibility he can carry himself...perhaps it is life long for the family..I dont know... so it is one day at a time and I let God take a hand in my affairs for the tighter I seek to control the less space He has, to do anything.

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