July 26, 2004

Day care.

The day care centre was closed for two weeks during which it was opened on a few occasions by the special request of parents and I volunteered to help on these days,the experience was very useful.
It clearly showed how important routine and structure and precision in instruction is in recovery.These have helped my son enormously,the speed with which he has recoverd his abilities would not have been possible without their inputs.Each client also has a personal counsellor available on a daily basis to deal with the many cognitive distortions that accompany most clients who are finally stablising and responding to medicines.
The maximum time given to clients is two years,I do not know what happens afterwards, do they slide back,do they continue to improve, apparently a close check is maintained on progress in each case and the parents/caregivers are advised as and when the centre feels that maximum benefit has been obtained by the client and no more improvement is expected by a continued stay.
Today the centre opens once again and I certainly am joyful for life has been kind of chaotic without it.

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