August 11, 2004


Nick your comments are useful and timely.
Yes the illness should not be mentioned by name when not asked for.In face of the current "studied" non awareness infact almost a revulsion to mental illnesses shared by the majority.It is in the best interests of the patient that the diagnosis is garbed under medical treatment/counselling/care etc.
At home we deal with it at most times with humour this I find finds a resonance with my son...who laughs along too.
In moments of crack up more often than not it is my serious response/depressed response/response full of foreboding that has distorted matters more. At other times my response is coloured deeply by my emotions vis vis my child.
Iam trying to curb all these.
Thanks once again ...all of you who write in. And please read one story under success stories written by a daughter sent in by the mother it has beautiful insights into the "mind" .The title is "People that have won."

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Another thing I would like to share is that my wife is almost fine now and taking very nominal dose. she never liked that she was really sick.apart from if she never new that she had SZ. she was always told that some thing is wrong and we always joked what went wrong. so I always suggest & even request people that never tell patients about name of disases. as media and other material has very very negative approach about it. yes the person who is taking care of patient or beloved one should know all the aspects. again Iwould like to say that all of us can win it. as my wife has gone thru about two years treatment, so I can say we have achieved a lot. regards

Posted by: nick at August 14, 2004 05:06 PM

I dont agree with you there nick, and u too monica. If i hadnt known about my illness, I wouldnt have known that my parents were not against me. i would have either tried to run away and kill myself again during a relapse, or worse...u dont even want to know.

Posted by: puzli at August 27, 2004 04:30 AM

Diagnosis gives a place to start to deal with the symptoms that are troublesome and sometimes lethal if they lead to despondency even suicide. Until our son attempted we didn't know anything was wrong. That his lifestyle choices might have clued us in was not an option at the time as he was an adult living with the mother of hi baby and we saw him only when he felt ok enough to visit. As Lenon said " Hindsight is 20/20 vision" ....we realize now that the early symptoms were the "negative" symptoms of SZ and that his personality was altering allowing him to do things he never before would have considered. When his drug dealing behaviour became so far from who he'd been that it alarmed him then he attempted suicide stating that he'd ruined his life and was starting to ruin the lives of others. He felt everyone would be better off with him dead.

Now it's EIGHT years later and he's been to hell and back through the criminal justice system arrested for assaultive behaviours and eventually sent for a psychiatric assessment then put on 3 years probation TWICE and given medical conditions he did honour. He was able to live independently in his own apartment for over 4 years before an incident in 2001 led him through the swinging doors of the Law & Mental Health systems once more. Deemed NCR- Not Criminally Responsible in 2002 he's progressing through the stages of programs designed to return him to society as
risk assessments and his symptomology will permit. As family members we watch and wait and visit as often as possible enjoying the frequent phone calls that use a toll free number as he's an inpatient far away in a medium secure hospital setting. He'll be 35 this month and is planning to redesign his life to live independently and have a business of his own. As he retains his sense of humour and gets along well with others he's considered a model patient and will move through the system as quickly as possible with annual reviews of his condition/case by the provincial review board. They have agreed each year that he should progress to the next step available and are requesting his medications be monitered. Their only concern and ours is that since he doesn't think he's sick that once out in the community living independently he'll likely decide to go off his meds. How long will he be able to enjoy eventual weight loss before he experiences a relapse of his psychosis ? We love him and really are proud of how he's coping but are also mightly frustrated as we know only he can determine whether there are valid reasons to remain on meds that his condition requires ! Any input is welcome.

A sad parent

Posted by: lee at September 5, 2004 05:10 PM

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