June 21, 2005

Life now

Looking back to when I first started writing in, to now, life has moved eons.
My son now goes to college he is of course still on medication,still has a few symptoms and side effects but is at his functional best.
By the grace of God and human beings in Gods guise he is today much better.
My life now offers me far more time and space than I ever had before.
Thank you every body specially this site that has held my hand through my worst moments and given me some of my closest friends today.
For every one out there I reiterate that it is love and hope that makes it all work out in the end.
Seeing his progress I am more and more convinced that after the medicines do their bit(a large bit,from personal exerience I would say about 60%)the rest is done by a loving and caring psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration into society, so do hold his/her hand and help them find their way.

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