July 22, 2006

JULY 2006

Iam writing in after a really long time...
I do regularly check into the site but somehow havent written into the blog.
Probably because so much has changed since last year and I have been there standing on edge watching it all, "waiting to exhale"
Yes I was and am apprehensive. Will he get into the flow of studying again after a traumatic four year gap,how will he cope with college life ,would he be able to complete his assignments.Will he manage to wake up in time for his classes.
Well some good news yes he has been able to...and has gathered in his first year a respectable gpa.
Well primarily because of his own grit and determination
second beacuse he is gifted with a natural optimism /easy going nature.
third because he has been helped along at home.
And most importantly studies has not been made out to be the be all and end all of his life.
And we see it day by day/week by week and he is assured that when ever he finds the pressure too much he can give it up.

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