August 06, 2007

A glorious one year!

iam writing after exactly one year.
The changes all around in this one year have been phenomenol so great that I can only see these as Magic happening in a big way.
My son is now on less than half the initial dose and so has been for the past 8 months or so hence I have lost the fear too that this may be temporary.
He is now in his last year of college : a bachelors in Business, has consistently scored well above B+ and attends office on his days off.
he gyms /plays tennis five to six times a week and above all has lost over 24 pounds of excess weight.
he is also driving the car once again.
He looks good, is feeling good and reveals that it seems he is "seeing life" once again.
Yes he is self absorbed still, is hesitant to socialise unless it is really close friends or family and yes needs to be reminded of things at times.
And ofcourse oversleeps.
But from having lost him almost completely it is boundless joy to see him in his current condition,
Thanks to.... his doctor,his own self motivation,his constant humour,the support that we could give...thanks above all to HIM who has made it happen.....

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