April 19, 2004


Things are humming along nicely. I think spring does that to people. We get sunshine and fresh air. M. is doing well. I am so happy for that!

Next month his siblings and families will be visiting us...hope all goes well. I am preparing to watch for signs of problems coming as I know this usually brings on stress. I am not worrying about tomorrow, though....way to much to be happy about today!

Our darling daughter (12) has a project to do for her english class. She was told to pick a topic of interest to her, something she wanted to learn more about. She picked Schizophrenia....I asked her why and she said..."Well, I want to know all I can about it." This led to a wonderful discussion between the two of us about sz. I am so happy that we could talk about it in a comfortable setting. I am also happy that I know about sz. and can answer most of her questions. I got out my books and let her borrow them.

That's about all for now. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the season.

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