August 31, 2004


Not much new here, but a bunch of delusions.
M. is going to work a temp. part time job of 7 hrs aday in addition to the pt job he already has of 4 hours a night. He can barely function with the 4 hour job how in the world he thinks he can work 11 hours a day is beyond me....He needs an hour break during the 4 hour job because he is "wore out". I hate to be a pessimist an say it isn't going to work, but then again I am the one who will suffer the consequences of the added stress and fatigue. I don't even really want the extra money...because it just won't be worth it.

I am tired of this life. I need a vacation on my own...maybe for about 5 years or so...LOL.

I will try to write more later.

Edited to add...Now ten hours later he has changed his mind. He decided not to take the job. I am so relieved. The best part is he made this choice on his this time it CAN"T be my fault!

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