November 13, 2004


Well, Here I am. Still makin' it! Sorry it has taken me so long to get another entry in here.

Things are going fairly well here. I have been really busy. M is doing alright, however, rather moody and defensive...but what else is new? LOL.

Tonight we are having a cast party at our house for our oldest son who is in a play this weekend. I think it should be a blast! M. is worried about what he should do, where he should be while the guests are here. I hope all goes well. It should be a lot of fun, I enjoy doing stuff like this especially for one of the kids. We so rarely ever have really gives me something to look forward to!

I have been feeling really creative lately and have been working on some art projects that I enjoy. I really would love to evolve art into some sort of career/income in the future. I am hoping that after we move, an opportunity will present itself.

I have not been to counseling in a couple of weeks...feel that I am doing much better. I do still have my moments/days that are not so good, but I feel I can pull myself out of it. I am going to see therapist in 2 weeks, to just check in and get some feedback. It is scary to think about not going to therapy anymore. That sounds silly huh? Well, you come to count on the therapist to help you and when the time comes to go along on your IS scary! This summer has been such a soul searching one for me. I think I came out better in the end, even though it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Just making it through the depression in itself was a huge challange. I feel now I am well on my way to a bright future. One where I am in charge of my own destiny...I am not going to spend the rest of my life hiding behind my hb's illness.

Relationship wise I think things are running fairly smoothly. I do have to keep control of my patience and remember that he is doing the best he can. On the 19th of Nov. we will be married 21 years! That is a long, damn time...doesn't seem that long. Not sure if we will go out to celebrate or not.

I am excited about the holidays. M. always has a little trouble during this stressful time of year, but usually can cope fairly well. I will keep my fingers crossed!

Well, I will go and try to be more timely in my posts. Jamie

"I know you don't see me as a movie star,
and it can't help much that I don't have no car,
But your my favorite thing by far!
Thats gotta count for something."

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