March 27, 2004

Child of Chaos

Eyes flash at unseen slight
Fists clench in preparation
Thoughts cease, emotion overwhelms
Time slows
and stops.

Frozen rage, the match strikes to flame
Hesitates a solitary moment
Unless deflected flame will burst to fire
Explosion, his sole desire;
He burns.

Soft words, his only hope
Peace offered in the face of pain
Calm waters in the midst of storms
Outstretched hands unarmed, loving,

Breathe life back into halted clocks
Whisper hope into desolation
Fold him into arms of full compassion.

Absorb his pain, replace with calm.
Extinguish rage, deliver love.
Take his chaos as my own.
He cries.

Betty Jo Hilger
Copyright �2004 Betty Jo Hilger

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