March 27, 2004

Demons In His Head

Afraid to death, of me, but why?
Tortured by fire, Twisted with hate.
Buried in pain, from wrath, not mine.
Leaving me here, crying alone.
Yesterday's love, a sad memory.
Poignant, misplaced, where has he gone?
Rescue not coming, solace not found.
Icicles burning, frigid desire.
Unknown, demented, hurting his own.
Hanging by thread, climbing a grave.
Hopeless tormentor, inside his head.
Starting to wonder, where will it end?

Betty Jo Hilger
Copyright �2004

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I believe "thought forms" can be created by a human being and take on a sort of "life"of its own. Some would call this demon possession. This should not come as shocking, for the mind is powerful...

Posted by: Demons at May 26, 2006 03:46 AM

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